Fashion Feed

alphabroder is the leading supplier for promotional apparel in North America and is most commonly known for their wide selection of trade and sportswear brands (Gildan, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Champion etc.). In an effort to rebrand alphabroder as the industries top fashion apparel destination, I was tasked with the challenge of concepting an international campaign.
But what should we call it?
I pitched the name Fashion Feed, as this is a campaign that will be continually updated each season, similar to the way an Instagram or news feed functions (just not quite as quick). 

This campaign is comprised of many different touchpoints and components:

  • Emails / Flyers / Printed Leave Behind
  • Mood Board: A landing page sorted by different occasions/verticals filled with inspiration and our tops fashion picks.
  • Style Guide: A curated page of our top styles, organized for easy browsing and shopping.
  • Resource Page: High res and lifestyle photography, flyers, brand videos, e-catalogs, social media links… bassically everything our sales reps or customers need, all on one page.

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